TS Public Holidays List 2018 Telangana Govt General/Optional Holidays

TS Public Holidays List 2018

TS Public Holidays List 2018/TS General Holidays List 2018/Telangana Govt Holidays List 2018 published by the TS Govt. TS Govt has released G.O Rt.No.2457 regarding TS Public Holidays List 2018. This list contains General Holidays, Holidays under N.I Act and optional holidays for the year 2018. Download TS Holidays List 2018 from TS Govt G.O’s website.

Telangana Public Holidays List 2018

The following is the list of holidays for Telangana for 2018. TS Public Holidays List 2018 is as follows.
1. New Year Day: Monday 01.01.2018
2.Sankranthi/Pongal: Monday 15.01.2018
3. REPUBLIC DAY 26.01.2018, Friday
4.MAHA SHIVARATRI 13.02.2018, Tuesday
5. Holi: Tuesday, 01.03.2018
6.Sri Rama Navami: Monday, 26.03.2018
7.GOOD FRIDAY 30.03.2018, Friday
9. EIDUL FITAR 16.06.2018, Saturday
10.BONALU, 6.08.2018, Saturday

11.INDEPENDENCE DAY 15.08.2018 Wednesday
12.Eidul Azha (Bakrid), 22.08.2018 Wednesday
13.SRI KRISHNA ASTAMI 3.09.2018 Monday
14 VINAYAKA CHAVITHI 13.09.2018 Thursday
15.SHAHADAT IMAM HUSSAIN, 21.09.2018, Friday
16.MAHTMA GANDHI JAYANTHI 02.10.2017 Tuesday
17.Bathukamma Starting Day, 9.10.2018, Tuesday
18.DURGASTAMI 17.10.2018 Wednesday
19.VIJAYA DASAMI/DUSSEHRA 18.10.2018 Thursday
20.DEEPAVALI 7.11.2018, Wednesday
21.EID MILADUN NABI 21.11.2018 Wednesday
22.Kartheeka Purnima/Guru Nanak Birth Day, 23.11.2018
23.CHRISTMAS 25.12.2018 Tuesday
24. BOXING DAY 26.12.2018 Wednesday

Bogi, Ugadi, Dr.B.R Ambedkar’s Birth Day holidays occurred on Sundays.

Note: 10th February, 2018 (Second Saturday) is working day in lieu of public holiday declared on 1st January 2018. Tamil New Year’s day on 14.01.2018 (Sunday) which would have been Optional Holiday is declared as General Holiday in view of Bhogi. Maharnavami on 17.10.2018 which would have been Optional Holiday is declared as General Holiday in view of Durgastami.

The State Government directs that all offices under State Government shall remain closed on all Sundays and Second Saturdays in all the months during the year 2018. In addition to the General Holidays, the State Government employees may avail themselves of Optional Holidays not exceeding FIVE during the year 2018 on the festival/occasions to this order, at their option and irrespective of the religion to which the festival pertains.

TS Public Holidays List 2018 Telangana Govt General Optional HolidaysThe Government also directs that General Holidays shall not ipso-facto apply to the Industrial Establishment and Public Undertakings under the control of the State Government, the workmen engaged in Public Works Departments and Educational Institutions in this State. Separate orders regarding the festivals/occasions when these Institutions observe holidays shall be issued by the concerned Administrative Department of the Secretariat. TS Public Holidays List 2018 can be downloaded from TS Govt website

Telangana Govt Holidays 2018 G.O will be available at http://goir.telangana.gov.in website

If there is any change of date in respect of Idu’l Zuha, Muharram and id-e-Milad as per the sighting of the moon or any other Hindu holiday as well, it shall be announced through electronic / print media. Download TS Govt G.O for detailed information regarding TS Public Holidays List 2018/Telangana General Holidays List 2018/Telangana Govt Holidays List 2018 from the above official website.

TS General Holidays List 2018

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