AP SCERT Webinar: CLEP 2 Spoken English Classes for Teachers Schedule

AP SCERT Webinar

AP SCERT Webinar for Spoken English Classes for Teachers will be started from 27th May 2020. CLEP 2 Spoken English Classes will begin at 11am and continued up to 12 noon. Department of School Education, Govt of Andhra Pradesh has released a proceedings for the conduct of CLEP 2 Spoken English Webinar for Teachers for 25 days starting from today. This is very helpful for AP Teachers to learn English language on the eve of English Medium Schools opening from 3rd August 2020.

AP Teachers need to watch these AP SCERT Live Webinars every day from 11am. They have to undergo a small test after completion of the Spoken English Webinar through Abhyasa App installed on their mobile phones. SCERT Andhra Pradesh has conducted CLEP 2 Live webinars for teachers from the last 3 weeks and recently has conducted a grand test also for teachers. Every teacher need to watch SCERT webinars live and need to complete the test afterwards. These webinar series focus on language functions, developing communicative competence, conversational English, Develop accuracy and encourage fluency, Balance language and pedagogical knowledge, Implicit teaching of grammar, Address anxieties, nervousness and mental blocks related to English.

English Medium schools are going to be established in Andhra Pradesh from this academic year 2020-2021. Training classed had to be conducted for teachers during these summer holidays. But due to Covid 19, situation is totally changed. Schools are shut down due to this pandemic and there is no way of conducting training classes for teachers in this summer. In this situation webinars are being conducted for teachers.

Spoken English Webinar

Spoken English webinar will be conducted for 60minutes every day. Breakup plan for these 60 mins class is as follows

1st 15mins: Objectives, Presentation of material through pictures, dialogues, conversation, aural texts and non pedagogical inputs

2nd 15mins: Practice through drill, repetition, reflective tasks, model responses, experience sharing etc. (pedagogical reflections may be included)

3rd 15mins: Arriving at grammatical rule/structures / noticing vocabulary review (pedagogical and linguistic takeaways)

4th 15mins: Classroom transaction language demo with teacher resource persons

SCERT CLEP 2 Spoken English Webinar Schedule for 25 days can be downloaded from the following link.

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SCERT Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs0eQ0LEF-BbW2PsHEjUBYw

Webinar Schedule