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Rajini Makkal Mandram

Rajini Makkal Mandram is the new name of Rajinikanth Website which is Rajini Mandram earlier (www.rajinimandram.org). Rajinikanth fans are now united with this Rajini Makkal Mandram App (Rajini Peoples Union). All his fans doing lot of activities for poor and needy people under this new name. About 50,00,000 Rajini fans have so far registered in hisĀ  new website ever since it was launched on the 31st December 2017.

Huge number of fans and common people of Tamilnadu are welcoming Rajanikanth into politics to save Tamilnadu. Majority people want a major change in Tamilnadu politics, they are all looking forward for a corruption free government. Not only his fans but also fans of other film stars and common people are also joining in this website to make a change in Tamilnadu politics. People can download Rajini Makkal Mandram App from the google playstore and install in their cell phones.

How to Register @www.rajinimandram.org?

How to register at www.rajinimandram.org? Lot of fans are now trying to register themselves in this website rajini makkal mandram through website or Rajini Makkal Mandram App (Android). Tamil Super Star Rajanikanth has asked his fans to register in this website for a political change in Tamil politics. People can register online at www.rajinimandram.org with their email ID and mobile phone number. Follow the following steps to get registered at Rajini Makkal Mandram website.

  • Open https://www.rajinimandram.org
  • Enter your name
  • Select your country (Rajinikanth has fans all over the world, especially in South Asian region)
  • Enter your Mobile Number
  • Enter your Email ID
  • Enter your Pic Code Number
  • Enter CAPTCHA correctly
  • Click Register

Rajini Makkal Mandram Rajinikanth website

Now you will be a part of Rajini Makkal Mandram. All his fans are involving in lot of social service activities on his birth day, new film release day Etc. These social service activities includes blood donation, rice distribution to the poor people. Rajanikanth has got fans not only in India, but all over the world. Fans from various countries like USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Russian federation, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria, Malawi etc countries registering in this Rajini Makkal Mandram website.

Visit the official website for more information and registration as a member. Download Rajinikanth Makkal Mandram App from Google Play Store to register from any Android Mobile Phone.

Rajini Mandram

Click http://www.rajinimandram.org for Rajanikanth Fans Registration Website