TS Medical Health Transfers Guidelines 2018 G.O Ms.No.53

TS Medical Health Transfers Guidelines

TS Medical Health Transfers Guidelines 2018 G.O Ms.No.53 Dated 1.06.2018 is released today. TS Govt has relaxed ban on transfers for certain period. Basing on this, Telangana Medical and Health Department has issued TS Medical Health Transfers 2018 Guidelines vide this G.O Ms.No.53. Govt of Telangana, department of Health Medical and Family Welfare has released these guidelines for TS Medical Health Employees Transfers 2018.

G.O Ms.No.53 Dated 1.06.2018

TS Medical Health Transfers Guidelines 2018 are as follows..

HM & FW Department – Transfer and Posting of Employees – certain guidelines – Orders – Issued

Read: G.O.Ms.No.61, Fin.(HRM.I) Dept, dated 24.5.2018


In the reference read above, the Government have relaxed the ban on transfer of employees in the State, and issued guidelines specified therein

Considering the complexity of the Health, Medical and Family Welfare department that comprises of more than two hundred cadres, sub-cadres and diverse specialties, in partial modification of guidelines issued in the G.O. read above, the Government hereby issue the following guidelines

1) In order not to dislocate the work, transfers shall not exceed 20% of any one cadre for Doctors and Nurses.

2) Transfer and posting of doctors shall be strictly to the specialist post to which they belong. Specialists of a given specialty shall not be posted in any post earmarked for a different specialty. Mismatch of postings are strictly prohibited.

3) Doctors who have put in more than five years in the same station will not be transferred automatically, but only consequent on valid request for transfers by others of same speciality / Cadre. Further the request can be considered against clear vacancy and in the absence of the same, by shifting the person who has put in the longest service beyond five years in the Station seniority.

Telangana Medical Health Transfers Guidelines 2018

4) The RDM&HS offices were merged with DPH&FW Office for administrative convenience along with staff in 2016. The seniority of staff in respect of Warangal Zone office will be counted as single station seniority, i.e Warangal.

5) The CHNC offices were abolished in the year 2016 and the staff were redeployed along with the posts to its original institutes. For counting the seniority, their seniority may be considered including the previous CHNC staff seniority.

TS Medical Health Transfers Guidelines 2018 G.O Ms.No.536) The Nursing Personnel with specialized training (recognized by the Nursing Council of India and the State Government) and those working in specialized disciplines in teaching hospitals like maternity and pediatric care, intensive care units, operation theaters, trauma and burns wards, emergency services, etc., shall not be shifted to non-specialist locations. Concerned HOD’s and Medical Superintendents’ certificate shall be necessary to this extent

The Director, Public Health & FW/ Commissioner, TVVP / Director of Medical Education, TS, Hyderabad are hereby directed to take immediate action to operational these orders.

4. Other Heads of Departments of HM&FW Department shall follow guidelines issued by Government vide reference read above and effect transfers.

5.This order is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U.O. No. 002833-B/319/A1/HRM.I/2018, dated:29-05-2018.

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