AP 10th Class/SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls/Online Application Form/Registration

AP 10th Class/SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls

AP 10th Class/SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls download, AP SSC 2018 Online Application Form Registration/AP SSC 2018 Registration can be done from the BSE AP official website. AP 10th class/AP SSC 2018 Examination fee dates were announced by the board of secondary education, govt of AP.

AP 10th Class Exams 2018 fee details

AP 10th Class/AP SSC 2018 Examination fee details are as follows. AP 10th Class 2018 Fees/AP SSC March 2018 Examination Fee Due Dates are as follows for remittance of examination fee by the candidate to the Head Master concerned. Child info data of SSC Public Examination March 2018 is hosted in www.bseap.org has been extended from 19.12.2017 to 27.12.2017. Hence all the Head Masters are requested to upload their students childinfo data from the website.

  • Last date for submission of Nominal Rolls and application forms to the DEO’s by the HMs: 28.12.2017
  • Last date for submission of Nominal Rolls and application forms to the DGE’s by the DEOs: 28.12.2017

All the Head Masters are requested to furnish the AP 10th Class/SSC 2018 Students Data through Online as well as OMR cum ICR sheets compulsorily. If any school fails to furnish the data in both ways their school data cannot be included in the 10th Class 2018 Nominal Rolls/AP SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls for the Examinations, March, 2018. Before entering the Students information in the web site, keep the following documents ready:

AP 10th Class SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls Online Application Registration

  1. Filled in OMR cum ICR Sheets.
  2. Manual Nominal Rolls (MNRs).
  3. Original Challan of Examination fee payment.
  4. Figure statement.
  5. Opening permission/ETRs in respect of Private/Aided.
  6. Age condonation orders if any.
  7. PH Certificates if any.
  8. Fee exempted students list.
  9. Scanned images of the pass port size photo of the students in ‘jpg.’ format of 10 -30 KB size.
  10. Scanned images of the signatures of the students in ‘jpg.’ of 10-15 KB size.

AP SSC 2018 Online Application Form Registration

AP SSC 2018 Online Application Form Registration/AP SSC 2018 Registration/AP 10th class online application 2018/AP SSC 2018 Online Registration process is as follows

1. Open the website of Directorate of Government Examinations, Andhra Pradesh www.bseap.org for AP SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls.
2. Click on SSC 2018 online Application
3. Click the Download the ‘User Manual from “Quick Links”.
4. Read the User Manual thoroughly before proceeding further for AP SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls.
5. Log in with your School User Name and Password.
6. The following page appears. Please enter your School ‘U Dise Code’ and your contact mobile number and Click Submit
7. Home Page of School Nominal Rolls with details of the School code and Name of the School and district will appear

Procedure to enter the details of Regular Student:

8. On the Home page of School Nominal Rolls, click ‘Student Registration’ button and Select ‘Regular’ option from the drop down box
9. AP SSC 2018 Student Registration form will be displayed
10. Fill the above details and press ‘Submit’ button, you will get ‘Success’ message.
11. The details of the student you have registered will be displayed in the home page of School Nominal Rolls
12. Please verify the details in the Nominal Rolls if there are any corrections you can correct the fields simply by clicking the Edit option. By Clicking the Edit option once again the Student Registration form will be displayed and can correct the required fields. After completing the corrections click the Submit button at the bottom of the application
13. Please verify the data of all the students that is reflected in your school Nominal Rolls.
14. You can take print outs of the individual Students Registration Forms by clicking the Print option.
15. After through verification of the data of all the students including the photos and signatures of the students and if there is no absolute need of correction in the data then only click the button CONFIRM.
16. Please note that after clicking the button CONFIRM, the edit option will disappear and you cannot carry out any more corrections.
17. Once ‘Confirm’ button is clicked, ‘Edit’ option will disappear and no more corrections are allowed.
18. The Head Master has to sign the student Registration Form and put his seal beside the signature of the student. One set of Student Registration Forms have to be preserved in the School for office purpose and other set shall be sent to DGE office along with other information as required by the DGE.

Visit the official website www.bseap.org.in for more information about AP 10th Class Nominal Rolls 2018, AP SSC 2018 Nominal Rolls, AP SSC Online Application Form Registration 2018. AP SSC 2018 Registration. AP 10th class/SSC 2018 Examination fee.

Check http://bse.ap.gov.in for AP SSC/10th Class Nominal Rolls 2018