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Rajinikanth Fans Online Registration Website

Rajinikanth Fans Online Registration Website www.rajinimandram.org (rajini mandram) (NOT www.rajinimandram.com) launched by Rajanikanth. Super Star Rajinikanth urges his fans to register in this website www.rajinimandram.org. Rajinikanth party is going  to contest all assembly seats in Tamilnadu in next elections. He asked his fans to register online in this website. Rajinikanth also launched an Android app Rajini Mandram on Google Play Store.

How to get Registered @www.rajinimandram.org?

How to get registered at www.rajinimandram.org? Lot of fans are now trying to register themselves in this website rajini mandram. Tamil Super Star Rajanikanth has asked his fans to register in this website for a political change in Tamil politics. People can register online at www.rajinimandram.org (NOT www.rajinimandram.com) with their email ID and mobile phone number.

Rajinikanth Fans Online Registration Website www.rajinimandram.org rajini mandram

Rajanikanth has got fans not only in India, but all over the world. Fans from various countries like USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Russian federation, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria, Malawi etc countries registering in this rajini mandram website. They are all welcoming their super star into politics. Fans hoping that Rajinikanth will be the next CM for Tamilnadu. He has got so many fans especially in the Asia Pacific Region. All his movies are releasing in abroad also from so many years.

Rajinikanth fans can register themselves in this website by entering their name and voter id card. He thanked all his fans in a press statement and invited all people including his fans to work for a better Tamilnadu. He is going to register a new political party in Tamilnadu and planning to contest assembly elections in the state. Rajinikanth fans can download Rajini Mandram App from Google Play Store to register themselves from any android Mobile Phone.

In a statement the Tamil super star Rajinikanth has said “I am very happy to welcome you as a forum member on this website¬†www.rajinimandram.org. Registering in this website will not only serve as a medium for communication, but also a tool for integrating all sections of Tamil people who want a good change in Tamil Nadu. With the cooperation and good support of all of you, we all work together to create a Tamil Nadu rich in all walks of life.”

This is a very good news for all of his fans in Tamilnadu. There are millions of fans for Rajinikanth across the globe. All are eagerly waiting for this thing to happen from so many years. When asked, several times Rajinikanth denied his political entry. But finally he is coming to politics with a strong will. Now its upto his fans. They have to join in this rajini mandram website www.rajinimandram.org. Upon Rajinikanth fans online registration at the official website it will be cleared how many fans are supporting his political entry.

Rajinikanth Fans Online Registration can be done at www.rajinimandram.org butt NOT aat www.rajinimandram.com. Visit the official website for more information and registration as a member. Download Rajini Mandram App from Google Play Store to register from any Android Mobile Phone.

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