Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Scheme Question Papers

Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Scheme

Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Scheme 2018/Kerala HSE Practical Exams Scheme First Year&2nd Year/HSE Plus One/Plus Two Practical Exams scheme of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Home Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Geology Etc released by DHSE, Kerala. HSE students need to appear for Practical examinations along with theory examinations. Higher Secondary Plus Two practical examinations are scheduled to be held from 14th February 2018.

HSE Practical examinations will be held for the following subjects. Students need to get past the practical examination also in order to pass the examination. Accountancy with Computer Accounting, Botany, Chemistry, Communicative English, Computer Applications,Computer Information Technology, Computer Science, Electronic Service Technology, Electronics,Gandhian Studies, Geography, Geology, Home Science, Journalism, Music, Physics, Psychology, Social Work, Statistics and Zoology.

DHSE (Director of Higher Secondary Education, Govt of Kerala) has released subject wise HSE Practical Exams Scheme and Question Papers. HSE Plus One, HSE Plus Two students can download these question papers to prepare for the annual examinations which are scheduled to be held in the month of February/March 2018.

Higher Secondary Physics Practical Exam Scheme

Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Scheme 2018 for Physics subject is as follows

Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Scheme Question PapersAs Physics is a basic science, Experimental Physics is highly significant in the higher secondary level. A minimum of 10 experiments must be performed by each student with at least one experiment from each of the section. An internal practical examination should be conducted at the end of HSE first year for a maximum 20 scores. Certified log book should be submitted for this internal examination also. Duration of the examination is 1½ hours. This score should be considered for second year CCE.

Score Distribution
1. Principle and theory 5
2 Setting up of apparatus 2
3 Performance of the experiment 6
4 Result in SI units/ conclusion 4
5 Ascertaining the awareness of concepts 1
6 Record 2
Total marks for one Experiment. 20

Two experiments should be done at the time of practical board examination (One experiment from Plus One and other from second year). The total marks for practical board examination is 40.

Chemistry Sample Question Paper

Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Question Paper for Chemistry subject is as follows

1. Estimate the mass of KMnO4in the whole of the given solution. You are provided with a standard solution of Oxalic acid containing 6.3g/L. (Score: 12)
2. Briefly write the principle and procedure for the above estimation within first 5 minutes. (Score: 3)
3. Analyze the given salt and identify and confirm systematically the anion and cation present in it. (Score: 13)
4. Analyze the given organic compound and identify and confirm the functional group present in it. (Score: 6)
5. Viva voce (Informal simple Questions to know awareness on practical). (Score: 2)
6. Practical Record (Score: 4)

Kerala Higher Secondary Time Table March 2018

Kerala HSE Terminal Exams Time Table

Download Subject wise Kerala Higher Secondary Practical Exams Scheme and Question Papers from the following links.