AP Excise Rules 2017 New Bar License Guidelines/Fee/Application Prohibition Dept

AP Excise Rules 2017

AP Excise Rules 2017/AP Prohibition Excise New Guidelines 2017-2022 of Bar License registration, Liquor License fees, Bar License Fee, Bar License Application Form, Eligibility were released by AP Prohibition and Excise Department vide G.O Ms.No.235 Dated 23.06.2017 & G.O Ms.No.236 Dated 23.06.2017. AP New Excise Policy, Liquor License fees/Bar License fee/Bar License eligibility conditions have been notified these G.O’s.

AP Excise Rules 2017: New Bar License Eligibility Conditions

AP Prohibition and Excise department, Eligibility criteria for grant of new bar licenses as follows as per G.O Ms.No.236 Dated 23.06.2017 and G.O Ms.No.235 Dated 23.06.2017.

  • The applicant must be holder of trade license issued by the local authority concerned to serve food.
  • He must submit two years Income Tax/VAT returns.
  • He must submit copy of plan of the proposed premises and consent letter of the owner in case the premises is rented.
  • He must submit Demand Draft for Rs.3 lakhs towards EMD.
  • He must pay Rs.2 lakhs towards non-refundable application fee.

AP Excise Rules 2017: Bar License Fee

As per AP Excise Rules 2017 G.O Ms.No.236 Dated 23.06.2017/G.O Ms.No.235 Dated 23.06.2017, New Bar License Fee details are as follows as per AP Prohibition Excise New Guidelines 2017-2022.

Sl.No. Population Non-refundable registration charge slab License fee slab
1 Upto 50,000 8,00,000 2,00,000
2 50,001 to 5,00,000 18,00,000 2,00,000
3 5,00,001 and above 28,00,000 2,00,000

Bar Licensing authority

The Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise shall be competent to grant prior clearance and the Deputy Commissioner shall be competent to grant the privilege of Bar. The Prohibition and Excise Superintendent shall issue the License in the prescribed Form

Procedure for selection of applicants for grant of license in Form-2B

license issuing authority may call for applications for grant of licenses in the Nagar Panchayats, Municipalities including the belt areas of 2 KM from the periphery of such Municipalities and Municipal Corporations including the belt area of 5 KM from the periphery of such Municipal Corporations, as approved by the Commissioner of Prohibition & Excise by issuing a notification in the district gazette at least 5 days in advance of the date of selection containing the following particulars, namely:-

  • Serial number and name of the Nagar Panchayat / Municipality / Municipal Corporation in which the bar will be established.
  • The place of selection with time and date.
  • The Last date, time and place for receipt of applications.
  • The period of license, non-refundable application fee, non-refundable registration charge and license fee.
  • Procedure of online enrolment by the applicant(s) for registration.
  • Any other relevant matter.

Applications for enrollment for registration for License

AP Excise Rules 2017 New Bar License Guidelines Fee Application Prohibition DeptThe applicant shall enroll through online for registration with the license issuing authority by filling application in Form-E1 for participating in the selection process of Bar. After enrollment as laid down in the sub-Rule 2(a)(i), the applicant shall obtain Form-1B, and Entry Pass in Form-EB1, both system-generated, for each bar separately for onward submission to the license issuing authority as laid down under these Rules. The application in Form-1B shall be submitted by the applicant for each bar separately in an envelope addressed to the license issuing authority on or before the last date and time notified for receipt of such applications along with the following:

(i) A Challan for Rs.2,00,000/- towards non-refundable application fee.

(ii) Two recent passport size photographs.

(iii) Self attested Photostat copies of PAN Card & Aadhar Card

(iv) Two years Income Tax/VAT returns.

(v) Demand Draft for an amount of Rs.3,00,000/- (Rupees Three lakhs only) towards earnest money deposit drawn in favour of the License issuing Authority to be adjusted against the licence fee/non-refundable registration charge payable if Bar licence is granted on selection of the applicant or returned if the same is not granted or refused due to any reason.

(vi) Copy of plan of the proposed premises.

The licensee also permitted to pay the non-refundable registration charge and license fee in five equal installments. These AP Excise Rules 2017  G.O’s are available at http://goir.ap.gov.in website.

Download AP Prohibition Excise New Guidelines 2017-2022, AP Excise Rules 2017 G.O Ms.No.235 Dated 23.06.2017 & G.O Ms.No.236 Dated 23.06.2017 for more information about Bar License, Bar License Fee, AP Excise Bar License Application Form, AP Excise Bar License Eligibility

Prohibition and Excise Dept G.O No.235

Prohibition and Excise Dept G.O No.236